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Do You Truss Me?

Dir. Deeh


An ambitious epic mosaic of interrelated characters searching for truth and redemption in a world of paranoia. Ivan, a manager for a fetish dungeon, searches for a killer. Meanwhile, Marion, an escort, seeks enlightenment in an alien cult. Carol, a sadistic criminal, has threatening visions. 
Do You Truss Me? was written and directed by Deeh based on his real (and sometimes fictional) life experiences. It was filmed on a zero budget, starring non-actors (some even playing themselves).
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Affinity Point

Dir. Deeh


Dream-like, hauntingly beautiful and controversial, Affinity Point tells the story of Jake, a twenty-something who travels to Montreal in search of his biological parents. There, he meets and falls in love with the enigmatic Skylar, a dancer harbouring dark secrets.
Affinity Point is the first feature by writer/director Deeh. Filmed on dv in Montreal with non-actors and virtually no budget or crew, this indie epic's ominous effect is lasting and ultimately unforgettable.
Download the soundtrack for FREE:

Jason Deeh Pitre

J Deeh is a critically acclaimed artist, musician, world renowned busker, filmmaker, actor, performer, dj, personality and writer. He is currently the frontman of the electro/dream pop/alternative band The Scroll.
J Deeh wrote and directed two independent features, Affinity Point and Do You Truss Me?, and is currently writing a book and updating various blogs.
In 2002, he moved to Montreal to pursue work in the arts. After playing in various local bands he began making music with the moniker The Scroll and released the critically acclaimed double album 'Swan Soliloquy of a Deehrelict' in 2005. That year, The Scroll signed to Akachic Records.
The Scroll soon began to play violent energetic live shows. Around this time, J Deeh did the music for the Canadian Winter Games along with Jean-Michel Jarre and other electronic artists.
In 2006, J Deeh began directing tv shows for CBC and adult films for the company Erobec and was one of the leading Canadian directors in the genre. Fed up with the lack of artistic merits that his 'day job' provided him, he decided to direct his first zero-budget independent feature film, the haunting Affinity Point. It premiered at Le Festival du Nouveau Cinema.
In 2009, The Scroll released their second LP '...and the man who sees his own wraith...' independently and toured with a new line-up.
Between 2011 and 2013, J Deeh directed his epic second feature film 'Do You Truss Me?' (released in 2016) and released The Scroll's third LP, 'Constant Public Humiliation'.
In 2015-16, saw J Deeh being a regular on the Elisa Jordana/Benjy Bronk (The Howard Stern Show) spreecast, Kermit and Friends and a contributor for He's also directed a 6 part docu series titled Defamed: The People vs Jasouche Douchon about a controversy involving an online witchhunt. In late June 2016, a video featuring a duet between Jason and Grammy award winner Seal became a viral sensation. The Scroll also released the neo-wave album, 'It Will Never Come, Lover', and played some impressive shows.

2019-20 sees The Scroll releasing their 5th album, 'Zizi Mortel', which has a more organic, acoustic sound. 

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